About us

We believe in “Farming is a profession of hope” .FRESH ORGANIC UTTARAKHAND SHOPPE (FOCUS) is an initiative by a team of enthusiastic volunteers from Uttrakhand to create a Marketing platform for Organic based agricultural produce and their by-products.

Agriculture has always been called the backbone of Indian economy, supporting the livelihoods of the majority of the population. Although India has a significant presence internationally in terms of production of key cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables and animal products, at the same time, productivity is fairly low. Despite a conducive policy environment and strong demand pull for the sector, key challenges plaguing the sector involve smaller holding size, dismal primary and secondary processing infrastructure, a convoluted supply chain with multiple levels and intermediaries, and limited last mile delivery of services, to name a few.

With the increasing population and demand for better quality and higher quantity of ‘food, fibre and feed’,the performance pressure on farms is increasing remarkably. As per estimates from the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), the demand for food grains would increase from 192 million tonnes in 2000 to 345 million tonnes in 2030 and hence in the next 20 years, production of foodgrains needs to be increased at the rate of 5.5 million tonnes annually.In such a situation, where we have promising macro fundamentals in the sector but the enablers and catalysing sparks are missing, we need a segment of disruptive technologies/enablers who can leverage technology, leading to increase in productivity,efficiency and output.Our endeavor is to encourage traditional organic farming in the hill areas of Uttrakhand and promote local farmers Through Focus Organic Shoppe team is trying to get a ready market for the farmers of Uttrakhand producing organic farm products. Current focus is Uttrakhand region but as the initiative gets momentum Focus Organics may also explore other Himalayan regions where organic farming is practiced.The idea is to offer a affordable and easy to use collaboration our platform for farmers to learn, grow and prosper together as a community.We are engaging in precision agriculture; the company helps small farmers gain from economies of scale by sharing resources and expertise.
We also advise farmers on the right amount of inputs to use for maximum yield through maximum use of Advance devices with IOT & AI Enable ,BlockChain, Farming As a Service(FAAS).Approximate 50,000 farmer has organic certified in Uttarakhand , Through our services we will help 50,000 Farmer ,farm smarter, improve farm’s productivity and increase earnings by helping then to sell his produce better.

Challenges faced ecosystem:

Selling products and technologies to farmers is widely recognised as a big challenge, and it is one area where many start-ups have not figured out a successful model. Aligning with farmers’ needs and committing to improve productivity is not an easy task, as getting farmers to acquire the skills required to adopt these technologies involves a lot of effort.